Episode 04: IINDIRHE

31 October 2018 | 0:48:00

In the beginning, there was the word and the word was Rhema Socika and the Lord saw that the vibe was good. Who else could we be speaking of other than Rhema but better known as Iindirhe. An Infinite individual releasing High energy. Iindirhe is more than just an exotic blend from Zambian descent she's a fierce lyricists not to mention she's a sultry songstress. I mean she was even featured in an episode of Brothers and Sister with Soul in 2017,SAY IT LOUDER. Her song "Body" was Top 5 finalist on KFC soundbites. This sister is all sorts of ama-zing. Iindirhe sounds like a SZA and Badu love child. She affirmed this with the "Glitter EP "her Debut release, which sounds like the devil having a braai, straight fire.Sistas is a powerhouse in the making ask them at Back to the city, at woke arts and We Are one festival they know. Why Iindirhe is the Vibe Goddess.

Audio by @Brian_Mabusela
Visuals by @AtoSong_Prod
Images by @MongeziGongo
Graphicsby @TheBrandMafia
Presented by @Beeps_Lee & @TheNeoZulu