03 February 2019 | 1:10:08

Growing up in a small town called Kabokweni in Nelspriut, Mpumalanga Fortune Shumba had bigger dreams for his life. He's living those dreams by expressing himself through music and his garments that he says were influenced by his grandmother, who raised him. When asked about how he started his musical journey he took us back to a bedroom studio where he recorded his first EP which he says was terrible but that never stopped him from wanting to grow and hone his gift of music. After completing school he moved to Johannesburg better known by creatives as Johustleburg to start his hustle and with that came great opportunities. He has performed at SXSW & The Lyric Theatre in South Africa but is also an international act booking performances at Arte no Parke in Mozambique, Sibebe Fridays at House on Fire in Swaziland, The Coast to Coast talent showcase and the LGTBQ Festival the Republiq Fest in the USA.

Anyone that has seen Fortune Shumba perform can tell you that he lights up on stage and turns into a superhuman or better known his alter ego, Fortuna. Fortuna guides him and even gives him the push to start twerking, which his fans love!. Fortune Shumba is unapologetic about what he stands for - he's an activist and member of the LGBTQ+ community. He's also passionate about teaching and shedding light to the world about the rights of children and woman, which he expresses through every single performance he does.

With the great opportunities, he's been blessed with Fortune jet-setted to Australia recently for his tour, which had downs then great ups. After being booked for a month to tour for the Brisbane Festival. His tour in Australia got extended after making an impression on a prominent Australian band, Sticky Fingers. Sticky Fingers asked Fortune to be their opening act for an extra month - selling out arenas in Australia. Fortune received a lot of love from the media in Australia and describe ribbed his performance as 'pure magic'.

Fortune plans to have a show in South Africa soon and we most definitely can't wait to be there. We will keep you in the loop, how could you think Nublaq wouldn’t? To hear more about Fortune Shumba, press play and enjoy. .

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