Episode 02: HHP TRIBUTE

31 October 2018 | 0:48:00

On the 24 October 2018 a musical pioneer was lost. Known to his family as Jabulani Tsambo, to his fans he was HHP, Jabba-man, the artist who “made Tswana fashinabole”. The artist had openly spoken about his battle with depression and three suicide attempts. In an interview on Trending SA, HHP said that his father defined depression as an experience of public glory and private tragedy. From this it should be more important than ever for us to make what is private, public.

There are prevalent misconceptions around mental health, mental illness, and depression. Depression is still widely perceived as a state of sadness, or the blues. Through various campaigns and dialogue across various mediums the taboo and silence around this topic is starting to be unravelled.

“Art Reaches Places Politics Can't.” – HHP.

Taking a look behind the growing statistics of mental-health illness, what is found are “insta-perfect snaps”, echoes of “I’m fine” and prominent celebrated faces. Numerous local celebrities have spoken up about their experiences of depression: Trevor Noah described it as experiencing a bad moment and thinking it will last forever. For Sadie Giliberti, it was a feeling of abandonment, anger and heartbreak that lead to her being diagnosed with depression. In her memoir Eyebags and Dimples Bonnie Mbuli writes about how taking anti-depressants initially felt like a daily confirmation of her imperfections and flaws..

Here are a few things that SADAG suggests you can do at home if you are experiencing depression: Get up from bed and get dressed, be patient and kind to yourself, do things you remember enjoying. Still feeling alone and despondent after this? Contact SADAG: 0800 567 567. .

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